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Payment, Manufacture And Delivery Conditions

    To purchase a machine, the customer shall submit an approved Technical Design Assignment and a Letter of Intent signed by the management and confirmed with a seal. In case the customer is completely satisfied with the technical specifications of the manufactured machines, the TDA is not required.

    The Technical Design Assignment and the Letter of Intent shall serve as the basis of a contract between the customer and the contractor. The contract shall be appended by an invoice on the equipment. In case of a standard configuration, the Contract is not required.

    If 100 percent payment is made within the period specified in the invoice, the price shall not change. The term of delivery may be between 1 day (if the machine is available in the warehouse) and 6 months, subject to the machine’s complexity degree.

    50% down-payment is allowed, the rest to be paid when acceptance is complete.

    The machine assembly starts after 50% of the price is paid.

    The machines are normally shipped EXW Moscow upon receipt of the payment on the clearing account or, in case of part-payment, upon receipt of the last part. Railroad or air shipment is also possible, and in this case the delivery cost is included in the Contract and in the invoice.

    Prices for machines manufactured under contracts shall be specified in the contracts. The price range for the machines shall be verbally agreed between the Customer and the Contractor. The machines shall be shipped according to the invoices.

Discounts are made in case of 100% down-payment for three or more machines of the same make:
5% discount – if the machine price is lower than 141000 Russian rubles (RUR). (VAT not included)
10% discount – if the machine price is between 141000 and 270000 RUR. ). (VAT not included)
15% discount – if the machine price is higher than 270000 RUR. ). (VAT not included)

    In case a payment is made for 10 SOEP-1 counters, the discharge is 5%, if more than 10 SOEP-1 counters are purchased, the discharge is 10%.

    The cost of proof run and know-how transfer shall be determined additionally for every product to be wound.

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